RAVE: Girl Crushes

Surprise! I don’t hate everything! I promise there will be many rants to come but today I’m going to talk about something positive.


Girl crushes I have, when people have girl crushes on me, hearing about or witnessing acts of girl crushes between two other people. Anything. They’re great.

For those of you unsure of what I’m talking about, let me explain. Urban Dictionary defines a Girl Crush as “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl.” So basically if you think someone’s a babe, mentally or physically or whatever, but you would prefer not to kiss them on the mouth (not that there’s anything wrong with that) (<– Seinfeld reference).

More often than not, girls are way too catty for their own good. I’m not excluding myself from this behaviour; I still get jealous when I see foxy babes posting pics of them at the beach. “How is this bitch so tanned?! I haven’t been that skinny since the 9th grade who does she think she is?!” But instead of scrolling passed with a sour grapes face, I let those babes KNOW how foxy they look because how awesome does it feel to be complimented like that? I get little happy tingles when I see girls commenting heart eye emojis on each other’s selfies and posting Woman Crush Wednesday pictures of their friends.

Embrace your girl crushes and spread the love. If you like how someone is dressed or how they did their hair then tell them; it will make their day. I’m not saying you should start telling strangers on the bus that their hair smells good because they’re more likely to slap you with a restraining order (or right across the face) than they are to high five you and say thanks, but just use your best judgement.

My Woman Crush EVERYDAY is Kate, one of the most incredible chicklets I’ve ever met. 

She has the cutest giggle, the best popcorn recipe, legs for days, the sickest style, knows I only drink wine out of a coffee mug, cooks up a kick ass breakfast skillet, and makes sure this stupid grin never leaves my face when I’m with her. 

Now go tell YOUR Kate you love and appreciate her. 


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