RAVE: An Ode to Carbohydrates



Thank you for pasta.

Thank you for toast.

Thank you for dinner rolls and bagels.

I love you the most.


Thank you for pairing perfectly with butter, cheese, and dip.

Thank you for saving crumbs on the corner of my lip.


Thank you for pizza,

and thank you for BLTs.

I could praise you forever,

you bring me to my knees.


Thank you for potatoes.

Baked, cubed, scalloped, and fried.

Oh my God, thank you for potatoes.

Shredded and mashed bring a tear to my eye.


Thank you for housing burgers and dogs.

Thank you for the Christmas cookies I pair with eggnog.


Thank you for filling me,

Heart, soul, and tummy.

Thank you for comforting me,

Goddamn, you are yummy.


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