NEITHER: Just Some Cool Info

Okay so this past weekend my dad flew to Toronto to go to the Bruce Springsteen concert with his brother and he just got home today and we were gabbin about music n shit and he lays THIS knowledge on me:

Every time Bruce Springsteen plays Dancing’ In The Dark at a concert he pulls some random chick from the audience on stage to dance with. A) shit yeah, Bruce, B) jealous, and C) GUESS HOW IT STARTED!

So when they were shooting the music video they wanted it to be like a concert video but they planted three chicks in the front row and he was going to pick one for him to dance with. None of the girls knew who was going to get picked they just knew it was going to be one of the three of them (this way he didn’t pick a random fan and have some broad covered in tears and snot all up in his music vid cause she was too excited to do anything but cry).

SO he picks this sassy little brunette in the middle to come snap her fingers onstage and GUESS WHO IT IS?!?!?! THIS IS HOW SHE GOT DISCOVERED. I AM BLOWN AWAY.

(lots of you probably knew this already but I just lost my shit)

(also yeah I know I didn’t tell you who but just watch the damn video)

(is the suspense killing you?)

(are you still reading?)

(I have eaten so many avocados in the past three days)

(and hot sauce)

(but I always eat hot sauce)

(are you still there?)

(shit, you must like me)

(k just watch it)

(just kidding. hey! still here!)

(nah, I’m kidding, let’s do this)




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