Despite the fact that it’s made me all too aware that I have what Amy Schumer calls an “At-Risk Chin,” Snapchat remains my favourite app.

At it’s worst, it broke up couples (remember when you could see everyone’s top friends?), and at it’s best, it showed me that I actually look better with a rabbit nose and ears.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.46.00 PM

I’m not really selling this. Let me start over.

Snapchat lets you send pictures, videos, and messages to your friends faster than any other app. AND they all disappear in 10 seconds. Doesn’t get much better than that, right? You guys would be SHOCKED to see the ways I can twist and smush my face. Is it me? Is it one of Floop’s Fooglies? Who’s to say.

(Don’t get too crazy though, your gutless friends will screenshot your hideousness and tweet it or something. Someone did that once. Not me. I don’t know who would be that cruel but it definitely wasn’t me.)

Snapchat also assigns emojis to your friends if you’ve been going back and forth with them for a while. These tend to change with every new update, but emojipedia.org has a sick legend to end the confusion. Check it out by clicking on the rabbit version of me up there.

My favourite part about Snap is the option to surprise someone with your face when they’re texting you. For those of you that have literally no idea what I’m talking about right now (Mom, I see you), I’ll try to break it down.

Imagine you’re staring at the huge font on your phone, scrolling slowly, only one GIANT word fitting on the screen at a time (okay I’m done) and all of a sudden MY FACE POPS UP AND I START YELLING AT YOU AND MAKING RIDICULOUS FACES.

Snapchat tells you when the person on the other side has the conversation open and gives you the option of making your face pop in front of them and scare the shit out of them. Or sometimes chat face to face but mostly to scare the shit out of people.

Second favourite part is definitely the Snapchat Stories. My stories are always filled with Kate and I singing in the car, playing wine pong at her house, or her yelling at me for being annoying. After watching my videos, you’ll probably be yelling at me for being annoying too, but whatever then don’t add me.

Just kidding, do add me:




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